First and Second Year Studio Classroom, 122 Snell Building

Third Year Studio Classroom, 305-15 Crabtree Building

Fourth Year Studio Classroom, 325 Crabtree Building 

Studio Classrooms are an important part of the design student's education and the core of the design curriculum. In the studio classroom the professor acts as a mentor to guide the students work and is involved with the students learning by observing how they think.  Design students learn by doing and often gain as much through interaction with other students as they do from their instructor.  Experience has shown that design students learn more efficiently when knowledge is acquired as-needed by their own discovery during design projects.

Model Prototype, Lab B66

Essential to the designer is the ability to visualize their ideas.  Visualizing ideas helps the designer understand the idea, validate the idea, and communicate the idea to others.  The visualization is accomplished in both 2D and 3D.  To allow students to visualize their ideas in 3D the industrial design program provides a model making and prototyping lab. 

Computer Lab, 165 Snell Building

The industrial design program has a computer lab built specifically for design students. This lab’s computers are loaded with top design and illustration software all to help students visualize their ideas.