Industrial Design Student Lamp Sale

On November 9th the Industrial Design Sophomore class hosted a local designer lamp show and sale.  The show titled "Contrast" and located in downtown Provo and featured lamps constructed from thin sheets of polycarbonate manipulated to form nontraditional lighting fixtures.  There were five design teams that worked for weeks designing, manufacturing, and packaging their lamps so they would be ready to best represent themselves and their designs to the general public.

The night of the show was a success with the location buzzing less than an hour after it began.  Lamps sold quickly and to a variety of age groups and types of people.  More importantly however, was how well the event was received by the community members.  The owner of the location where the show was held bought several lamps to hang in his restaurant.  A lady from a design convention that was happening down the street posted pictures to her Instagram and was flooded with positive comments wanting to know where the lamps could be purchased (she also bought two for herself).  Others placed orders for more lamps after the originals had sold out.  The show was a wonderful experience for all involved.