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B66 Shop Policies

A Professor and a Student in an Industrial Design shop


The Industrial Design program maintains and operates a model and prototype shop for students to realize their class projects. Use of the model and prototype shop is a privilege not a right. Abuse of the privilege may result in loss of shop access. To use the model and prototyping shop you should follow these policies and procedures:

Personal Responsibility

Follow all safety, operation guidelines, and check lists posted for each machine. If you are unfamiliar with a machine or operation, please ask for assistance. Attempting to use machine tools without proper training may result in injury or damage to the equipment. You will be held responsible for damage caused by your neglect.

Eye Protection—Safety glasses must be worn at all times while in the shop areas. You are responsible for your own eye protection.

Ear and Lung protection (Respirators)—Protection is suggested when a project could cause damage.

Proper Apparel and Dress—Long sleeves, loose clothes, neck ties, jewelry, long hair, open toed shoes, can be hazardous in many shop situations. Before operating equipment, insure that these types of hazards are dealt with.

Machine Guards—Machine guards are to be used at all times. Do not remove safety guards from equipment. If removal of guards is need to accomplish a task have a professor or TA help you.

Working in the shop—University policy, in accordance with state and federal regulations, requires that two adult persons be present in a shop facility when equipment is in operation.

Tools and equipment

The tools provided by the program are to be used in the shop only. Please do not remove tools from the shop even for a short time.

Tools and equipment in the model and prototyping shop are available to industrial design students only and are to be used for industrial design projects only.

Housekeeping Requirements

Every user of the shop is responsible to clean up after working in the shop area. Please return all tools to their proper storage locations. Remove all scraps, chips, dust, from machines, work surfaces, tables and floor.

Project Storage

Projects and materials are not to be stored in the shop area. Any projects or materials left in the shop area can be discarded.

Use of Materials

Don’t assume all materials in the shop are available for your use. The program provides materials for some class projects. You are required to buy these materials with your signature card. You are responsible to pay for all material that you use.

First Aid

Immediately report any accidents to a school administrator or faculty member. Minor first aid is available for simple cuts or abrasions. More serious injuries may need emergency care. In seeking care remember that BYU is not responsible to pay for medical services.