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Bryan Howell

Bryan Howell

Industrial Design Professor

Bryan Howell is the program coordinator for the department of Industrial Design at Brigham Young University and instructs students in the Engineering, Law, and Business schools. He directs BYU's Center for Industrial Design Research (CIDER), which primarily engages undergraduate industrial design students in exploring topics that are of individual interest and impactful on the learning experiences in our design courses.

He is the founder and director of the Design Society's (DS) "Sketching" special interest group (SIG), the BYU Industrial Design Symposium, and the European study abroad course. He is a member of the leadership committee for the DS's Design Education SIG. He also performs as an expert witness for large technology companies such as Apple Computer and a design management mentor for local startups.

Before his academic career, he founded his own design company, Pure Design Labs, was the industrial design director at Dell computer, and as a designer with frogdesign in Germany, California, and Singapore. He has been teaching at Brigham Young University since August of 2005.