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Teaching kids how to have healthy relationships with themselves and others.

The first time I sat in a therapist's office waiting for the receptionist to call my name I found myself asking myself one question.

How did I get here?

Up until my senior year of college, I’d never acted on the impression of seeing a therapist for my day to day struggles. I worried that my issues would be seen as overreactions.

The truth is most people who suffer with anxiety, PTSD, and depression don’t understand why they feel the way that they do and how to express their needs until they hit rock-bottom. At this point, it can take years of work to address suppressed issues from the past.

I started this project after feeling perplexed by the amount of friends around me that professed to have similar challenges coming to terms with mental health issues. They didn’t have experience expressing their emotions and boundaries until they had practiced talking about it with their therapists.

Learning how to express our thoughts and emotions not only improves our own mental health but helps us understand others as well. In an increasingly polarized society, the ability to communicate positively has never been so important.

My goal with TalkBox is to normalize the acceptance and discussion of our opinions and feelings through game format.

Why a game?

In most homes and public school systems, kids are not exposed to the counseling or resources that teach and allow them to practice soft skills like healthy communication and boundary setting.

Skills and Game Play