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Jacob Wilcox

Project Shapeshift

Project Shapeshift is about encouraging everyone to create in their own way. Other creative challenges are limiting, providing only a few opportunities for self expression. Project Shapeshift seeks to provide as much freedom for exploration and play with just enough structure to get things started.

This particular challenge is about making a lamp. participants receive a kit and are told to simply “make a lamp.”

The kit comes with no instructions and there is no clear way to assemble it into a functional lamp. It is up to the maker to decide how they will accomplish the task of making a lamp.

A link to some images for inspiration is provided, along with a few additional “rules” clarifying that not everything in the kit must be used, that things not included in the kit can and should be used, and that nothing is off limits.

This wide range of lamp designs all started from the same kit. Each maker interpreted the challenge to “make a lamp” in their own way and added their own personal style and skills to make a one of a kind lamp.

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