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Jennica Baird


When guns were first invented, women played a big role in humanizing the concept of firearms. And since then women, in general, have shied away from guns until 2016 when the female concealed carry (CC) permit population spiked.

Women currently make up 26.6% of the CC permit population (about 4,350,000 women) but after a woman gets their permit very seldom do they actually carry. In fact, mainly women ages 45-65 often carry. Why is that?

The majority of younger women (ages 18-40) report that they cannot find the appropriate holster. To carry on your person you need to wear baggier clothes which is something women don't like to hear but if you look at the most common CC bags on the market you know why they opt out of those too.

These bags are geared to a very specific age group not to mention that these bags can cost as much as $7,000. Women are not buying purses as they used to and the designer handbag market is waning significantly while the backpack industry is growing rapidly. But if you look at the CC backpacks on the market they are all designed for men and very tactical looking.

“Concealed” is a backpack designed for women ages 18-40. This backpack is smaller and more professional looking, it’s something you can take shopping or to the office but capable of carrying a laptop and a couple of books.

“Concealed” utilizes a more modern aesthetic and new technology never seen before in CC bags. Magnets in place of zippers and buckles eliminate the stress of drawing your firearm. You do not need to remove your backpack in order to draw. The gun is held magnetically in the holster vertically in the small of your back leaving the grip accessible when drawing. The gun is always safely pointed at the ground when in the holster.

The opening to the holster is also sealed closed with magnets and will not open unless a hand penetrates the seam. It’s so discrete no one would know it’s a pocket.

Fidlocks (magnetic buckles) are the only other way into the back and take a second to figure out if you’ve never used them before thus preventing any unwelcome people from opening the bag.

Women no longer need to wear baggy clothes or buy ugly, expensive bags. “Concealed” is a safe and stylish way to carry a concealed firearm.