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Keyshot and Keyshot Network Rendering

This article is mainly about using Keyshot Network Rendering in our Labs

First, Keyshot software for student personal computers is only available from Luxion (the makers of Keyshot). The have a student discount. Find out more at their site.

To use Keyshot Network Rendering follow the instruction in the video below or follow the steps shown below the video.

Remember that network rendering DOES NOT usually mean faster rendering for your projects!!! Network rendering will allow you submit a render job and then logout and see the results later.

Keyshot Network Rendering

Quick Instructions—

You must be a memeber of the "keyshot" group. Members of the 210 and 310 class have been added. Others need to contact us to get added. In the keyshot groups folder create a folder for your completed renderings. Please name the folder so it is easily identifiable as yours.

When sending a render job to the network rendering system, in the output section be sure to set the output folder path correctly to—

\\\homes\groups\keyshot\your_folder name
example: \\\homes\groups\keyshot\brighamYoung

Keyshot output settings window

Next, the the options section be sure to select "Send to Network"

Keyshot options setting window

Now you can submit the job by hitting the Send to Network button at the bottom right of the render window.

Once the job is submitted, you can use the Keyshot Network Render Monitor to view the progress if desired.

Keyshot Network Render monitor window

Find the finished image in your folder in the the keyshot group folder.