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Learning Outcomes

A student creating sketches of a new product

Based on a sufficient level of aptitude and effort graduates of the program will be able to:

• Articulate, critique and apply aesthetic principles in both 2D and 3D compositions.

• Understand and apply principles of creativity to develop original and useful ideas.

• Understand how to recognize and evaluate creative ideas. • Recognize sparks and blocks to creativity.

• Understand human needs, wants and desires as they relate to products, systems and services.

• Understand the basics of manufacturing processes and related materials.

• Understand basic mechanical principles, devices and tools, and the physics that make them work.

• Communicate ideas effectively both verbally and visually. • Apply basic business practices as they relate to Industrial Design.

• Understand the relationship of business, technology, and human values.

• Discuss the basics of design history and identify contemporary issues on a global scale.

• Synthesize and apply learning outcomes in the context of a diverse range of design projects.

• To manage time and resources effectively both personally and organizationally.

• Understand group dynamics and how to be a productive member of a team.

• Understands the global nature of society and appreciates the value of unique points of view.